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Air Conditioning Replacement

Air Conditioning Replacement Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Knowing What You Need is Half the Battle

We all know the woes of having a bad AC unit. It doesn’t pump air or, at the very least, it doesn’t do it very well. It sucks up energy without keeping your house comfortable in exchange. It may also make more noise and distracting sounds than it should.
Sometimes, after decades of use, an air conditioning unit doesn’t need repairs or maintenance. It’s quite possible that yours simply has to go. Consult with Dale & Lee’s Service Inc. to figure out if it is time to upgrade to a new AC unit. We offer dependable AC replacement services for Tulsa households.
Air Conditioning

We Offer Accurate Repairs and Replacements

It’s not enough to simply order a new air conditioning unit. For one thing, it’s hard to know exactly what your home needs. For another, each home is unique, and your home needs a very specific kind of AC to work most efficiently and keep your monthly bills low.
Fortunately, our team has the expertise and firsthand experience to figure it out. We’ve serviced thousands of residential and commercial properties over the course of our decades in this industry. When you hire us to help you, we’ll be able to spot what your home needs and offer professional recommendations. It doesn’t matter how old your home or business facility is or how outdated your system may be. We’re ready for the toughest replacement tasks.

We Can Handle Any AC Replacement Job

Whatever condition your home or commercial building is in, you can expect our team to come in and replace your unit with ease. We expect nothing less from our trained and certified technicians. Our wealth of experience qualifies us to handle your AC replacement in a way that few others can match.
Don’t leave this delicate operation in the hands of just anyone. Work with Dale & Lee’s Service Inc. today to get the superb service your home deserves.